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Abushaira, Mohammed Mahmod
Dissertation, SignWriting For Deaf Children, 2007
Research, Deaf Education, Jordan & Saudi Arabia

Aznar, Guylhem
Dissertation, SignWriting & Unicode, April, 2008
University of Toulouse, France

Brito, Ronnie Fagundes de
Dissertation, SignWriting CaptionMaker Software, April, 2012
Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina, Brasil

Flood, Cecilia
Dissertation on Deaf Children Learning SignWriting
2002 University of New Mexico, Albuquerque

Galea, Maria Azzopardi
Dissertation on SignWriting, University of Malta
"SignWriting: Writing a sign language
Maltese Sign Language (LSM)"

Lu, Gan
Software Dissertation, University of Central Lancashire, UK
Automatic Hand Gesture Recognition for SignWriting"

Martin, Joe
Linguist, Papers and Thesis on Comparing
Stokoe Notation with Sutton SignWriting

Roald, Ingvild
Dissertation: Professor of Physics who used SignWriting
while teaching physics to Deaf students in Norway

Rosenberg, Amy
"Writing Signed Languages
In Support of Adopting an ASL Writing System"

Master's Degree Thesis, University of Kansas
Department of Linguistics, 1999

Stumpf, Marianne
Professor of Brazilian Sign Language (LIBRAS) who was
the first Deaf person to use SignWriting in Brazil.

Thiessen, Stuart
"A Grammar of SignWriting"
Master's Degree Thesis 2011,
University of North Dakota

Vasquez, Janice Gangel
"Literacy in Nicaraguan Sign Language:
Assessing Written Sign Recognition Skills
at the Escuelita de Bluefields"

Master's Degree Thesis 1998,
California State University Dominguez Hills, California



SignWriting Articles
SignWriting Publications

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