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SignWriting Workshop Near The Beach
La Jolla, California, July 1-7, 2013

SignWriting Workshop
SignWriting Workshop Participants
La Jolla Recreation Center

Joe Halcott chats with Adam Frost in the hallway of the La Jolla Recreation Center.

Nancy Romero, Adam Frost, Joe Halcott and John Power

Nancy Romero, Adam Frost, Natasha Escalada-Westland, Joe Halcott

Nancy Romero, Adam Frost and group...

SignWriting Workshop

SignWriting Workshop Day 2

Adam Frost teaching Movement Symbols

Adam Frost teaching Movement Symbols

Adam Frost

Valerie Sutton discusses Movement Symbols

Joe Halcott shows a Power Point Presentation using SignWriting

Valerie Sutton's front porch has a rose garden!

SignWriting Handwriting Workshop

SignWriting Handwriting Workshop
Adam shows a workbook for Handwriting practice

The Handwriting on the white board behind them, has been on Valerie's wall for several years!

Last photos taken at end of Day 7

Final Photo taken at the end of the Workshop