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SignWriting Workshop

Adam Frost teaches (center) with Natasha Escalada-Westland and Erika Hoffmann-Dilloway to the right, and Joe Halcott and John Power on the left. Joe Halcott designed a PowerPoint Presentation using SignWriting, which is on the computer screen in the center of the table.

Natasha's web site Westland ASL is used by her high school students at Catalina Magnet High School in Tucson, Arizona. Natasha teaches ASL using SignWriting, and has done so for many years. Natasha and her students write signs in SignPuddle, adding signs to the ASL SignPuddle Dictionary Online.

There are several PowerPoint Presentations for download on the Westland ASL site, and SignWriting is used in many of them.

For example, there is a PowerPoint Presentation teaching the 10 Hand Symbols Groups in SignWriting. Go to this web page to download:

And there are multiple PowerPoint Presentations using SignWriting on this web page:

Recently, Natasha's high school students started working on a SignWriting Game called SIGN SPEED, originally designed in French-Switzerland by Anne-Claude Girod Prélaz. More about that later!

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