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Deaf Perspectives on SW DVD

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Deaf Perspectives on SignWriting
Video Series on DVD
Featuring Lucinda O'Grady, Kevin Clark, George Butch Zein, Bernard Bragg, Denny Voreck, Abdul Aziz Al Obaid & Valerie Sutton


Two videos on DVD and two colorful booklets

Video 1: How Deaf Opinions Changed
Deaf signers, native to American Sign Language (ASL), give their opinions on SignWriting, including Lucinda O'Grady, Bonita Ewan, Kathleen Say and Denny Voreck. In the early 1990's, the Deaf Action Committee for SignWriting met in the evenings, in Valerie Sutton's home, in La Jolla, California, to discuss how to write signs and create documents and dictionaries in American Sign Language. This casual video was shot during one of those meetings. The video finishes with Valerie telling about her early days writing Danish Sign Language in Copenhagen.

Video 2: How SignWriting Changed
Taken from the perspective of the Deaf people involved, Video 2 is a synopsis of how SignWriting changed and improved, as more Deaf people began to write their language. Native signers skilled in SignWriting discuss how they used the system in the 1980's and early 1990's. This 30 minute video features George 'Butch' Zein, Lucinda O'Grady, Kevin Clark, Denny Voreck, and Valerie Sutton, with guest appearances by Deaf actor Bernard Bragg, and a special visitor from Saudi Arabia, Abdul Aziz Al-Obaid, who discusses recording Saudi Arabian Sign Language. In American Sign Language, with English voice and captions.

ISBN: 978-0-914336-71-6

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Picture Dictionary

ASL for Children

ASL Picture Dictionary in SignWriting
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Gospel John in ASL


Gospel According to John
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Snow White Level 1

ASL Workbook

Snow White in ASL Workbook

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ASL Picture Dictionary


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