SignWriting® Shorthand
for Sign Language Stenography

Sample of Sentences From Goldilocks


History of SignWriting Shorthand

SignWriting Shorthand in the 1980's looked like this, written in the Receptive Viewpoint:



"SignWriting Shorthand For Sign Language Stenography" was the title of a textbook by Valerie Sutton teaching the Shorthand in 1982. At that time, a new profession called "Sign Language Stenography" was under development. Experiments were made with recording signs at speed in classrooms. Stenographers learned how to write without looking at their hands. Here is a picture of the shorthand table and booklet of the 1980's:


SignWriting Shorthand in the year 2007
is almost the same, but is can be written down in vertical columns, and now includes more facial expressions and gesture nuances. The Shorthand is NOT the Handwriting.

When all of us write English quickly by hand, we are not writing shorthand..we are writing handwriting...there is a see SignWriting Handwriting...visit these pages:

Write SignWriting by Hand
Directory of Lessons

Can SignWriting Be Written By Hand?
1. Six-page article with illustrations

Write SignWriting by Hand
2. Introduction: Return to Basics

Write SignWriting by Hand
3: SignWriting Block Printing

Write SignWriting by Hand
4: SignWriting Handwriting

Write SignWriting by Hand
5: SignWriting Shorthand

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