SignWriting Literacy Project
About the Project
An Innovative New Way of
Teaching Deaf Students to Read & Write
Free SignWriting materials for classrooms with Deaf students.

The SignWriting Literacy Project is a free program for schools for the Deaf and teachers of Deaf students. It can also benefit parents of Deaf children, if they tutor their children at home.

The Center for Sutton Movement Writing is the USA 501c3 non-profit educational organization which started the SignWriting Literacy Project. The Center receives small grants from private foundations to fund the Literacy Project. With this funding, the Center donates SignWriting materials specially designed to teach reading and writing to Deaf students. Download this document to read more about the project and donations.

In return for the donations, the Center requests documented feedback. The documentation is published on the SignWriting Web Site for others to study. It will also be sent to sponsors of the program. The documentation may someday be used in published journals discussing the use of SignWriting in Deaf education. It will always be public information.

No money changes hands between the Center and the teachers. It is a free exchange of materials and technical support in return for written documentation on how SignWriting was used in the classroom and what the results were, before and after using SignWriting.

Schools or teachers with deaf students K-12
. The deaf students should be sign language users.


1. Write a letter on School Stationery
Write an official confirmation letter (a letter on stationery with letterhead). Follow the format provided on this web page.

2. Fill out Teacher's Report 1.
Along with the letter, we will need Teacher's Report 1 , which includes questions about why you chose to participate in the Literacy Project.

3. Send the Letter and Teacher's Report to Valerie Sutton
Send both the Confirmation Letter and Teacher's Report 1 to Valerie Sutton in PDF format through email:

Valerie Sutton

The SignWriting Literacy Project
The Center for Sutton Movement Writing
P.O. Box 517, La Jolla, CA, 92038-0517, USA
Tel: 858-456-0098



1. SignWriting materials will be shipped to you.
Your materials will be prepared, packaged and shipped.

2. A web page just for your classroom!
A beautiful new web page will become the proof of your work with SignWriting. A copy of your letter and web report will be posted on the web page. Then later, when you send photos and documentation, that will also be posted on your web page.

3. Photos and documentation of your work with SignWriting
will be needed from you, over time. Be sure to receive parental permission to let us post the information on the web.

4. You will be asked to join the SignWriting List
so you can learn SignWriting by email on the List. Plus your teachers reports will be posted to the List. The List includes around 200 teachers who all use SignWriting around the world.


1. Go to:

2. Type in your email address....

and follow the rest of the instructions...

The information we collect will benefit future classrooms!

Look forward to hearing from you!

Valerie Sutton


The SignWriting Literacy Project
The Center for Sutton Movement Writing
P.O. Box 517, La Jolla, CA, 92038-0517, USA
Tel: 858-456-0098

Questions? Write to: