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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Sun Oct 14, 2001  2:16 pm
Subject:  SignBank 2.0 Database

SignWriting List
October 14, 2001

My dear friends -
Thank you for your wonderful messages. And, thank you Stefan, for
teaching some SignWriting on the List! I am so glad to see you are
using the Google Search Engine on our web site:

Search SignWriting sites with Google

I have some nice news. For years, I have been working on the SignBank
2.0 database. Finally, after all this time, I believe we will have a
beta test version ready for five or six beta testers to test it. This
entire week, I will be focusing full time on completing the beta test
version. I will be entering SW symbols into SymbolBank, entering
enough signs to make a test version usable, and completing the new
"Lessons in SignBank 2.0", which will teach users how to use the

Then, next Saturday, October 20, our FileMaker programmer will be
working with me all day to "bundle" the beta test version. That means
that by Saturday I must finish everything. That gives me 6

I will then mail the test version to around 5 or 6 beta testers....I
hope they will receive the package by early November.

The purpose of SignBank 2.0 is to establish how signs are sorted by
Sign-Symbol-Sequence. It will be the template for future programs,
serving as a guide to other programmers and dictionary publishers.

SignBank 2.0 also gives an excellent printing program for publishing
bi-lingual and multi-lingual dictionaries, which can be sorted by SSS
or the Roman alphabet. It provides a research tool for linguists, who
can blend the SignBank 2.0 database with other existing databases
using other software.

FileMaker has a Japanese version too, and I hope therefore, we can
also have a SignBank 2.0 database in Japanese someday...That is
something we will have to the future looks bright ;-)

I also hope we can have a Greek and Arabic version as well in time...

So I hope you all will forgive my silence on the SignWriting List for
the next week...After October 20th, you probably will receive LOTS of

Have a wonderful week, everyone!

And my blessings to all the children who are sending messages - I love them!!

Val ;-)

Valerie Sutton

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