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From:  Stefan Woehrmann2
Date:  Sun Oct 14, 2001  11:38 am
Subject:  Re: mud

Hi Tini,

thank you for your question. It is always the same. Trying to solve a
special spelling problem opens a can of worms.

I had a look at the - website , searched with google "
finger movements" and found 5 pages of hits !
I looked at many many wonderfull E-lessons. Thank you very much Valerie, for
your wonderfull presentation-
some of the gifs are missing - hm - right now there are sooo many other
things on your to do list I know. ;-(

Well what I took out of my little "research" is that we as the authors have
to decide how accurately and with how many details you want to present a
special movement-description.

In this case - I would decide to write for the "informed reader". So people
who are competent in ASL should know about the sign for "mud" - but if we
want, we can add the endposition -

I prepared to gifs and hopefully will start a discussion about this issue.

Have a look at my first attachment.
Next is coming with my next message - one at a time - I know !

Stefan ;-)

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From: Henk Pel
Sent: Thursday, October 11, 2001 9:45 PM
Subject: mud

> Hello Valerie, Stefan, anyone,
> I am struggling with the word "MUD" How would it look like in Sign
> I will give you the description in my ASL dictionary:
> WATER + DIRT: I have no problem with water.
> DIRT:" Beginning with both flattened O hands in front of each side of the
> body, palms facing up. Move the thumbs of each hand smoothly across each
> fingertip, starting with the little fingers and ending as A hands.
> Tini.

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