Research Project At The Deaf School
At Randersgade, Copenhagen, Denmark, 1985
"Instruction In SignWriting/Sign Language"

Forsogsprojekt Paa Doveskolen
I Randersgade Kobenhavn, Danmark, 1985
"Undervisning I Tegnskrift/Tegnsprog"

Ivan Bentzen, Dietgard Glebke, Inger Kjaer, Bente Sparrevohn

Published by:
Copenhagen's School System Research Department
Kobenhavns kommunale Skolevaesen Forsogsafdelingen
ISBN: 87-7346-145-8

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forsøsprojekt på Døveskolen
i Randersgade" 1985


This is an 80-page published report from Denmark. SignWriting was taught to Deaf children in the Danish School System in the 1980's. This report summarizes the results and is quite detailed.

The report is written in Danish and Danish Sign Language. The teachers state their objectives, discuss the children, show examples of their work, and then summarize with the results and opinions from the participants. There are also specific examples of how they taught SignWriting, what was hard, what was easy, and so forth.

I will be happy to translate the Danish into English, and publish the report on our SignWriting Web Site, but first I will write to the publishers and authors for permission. So hopefully that will happen in the future!

For further information, write to me :-)

Valerie Sutton