The Brazilian Sign Language Dictionary
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Funding & Support
The trilingual illustrated encyclopedic dictionary of Brazilian Sign Language was made possible by the generous support of Brasil Telecom (telecommunication company) Fundacao Vitae (Vitae Foundation), FAPESP (Sao Paulo State Research Foundation) and FENEIS (National Federation of Education and Integration of the Deaf).

The Brazilian Sign Language Dictionary Team
Written, illustrated and edited by a team of educators,
researchers, interpreters, SignWriters, and Deaf consultants!


Dr. Fernando Capovilla

Professor Fernando Capovilla, from the Experimental Cognitive Neuropsycholinguistics Laboratory of the Institute of Psychology at the University of Sao Paulo (USP), has been working for the last ten years with children with severe communication and language handicaps resulting from neurological impairments of a sensory-motor or central-cognitive nature. He and his student co-workers have created more than one hundred software systems devoted to diagnosing and treating language and communication impairments in children and adults. Capovilla obtained his Ph.D. in Experimental Psychology from Temple University, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA, in 1989, and has been elected (1996-2000) president of the Brazilian Chapter of the International Society for Augmentative and Alternative Communication, an international organization devoted to helping people with severe language and communication impairments.

Walkiria Duarte Raphael
Co-author of the book "Illustrated Manual of Signs and Systems of Communication of the Deaf", Walkiria Raphael has worked at the University of Sao Paulo in the Department of Experimental Psychology for several years, specifically with Deaf people and Brazilian Sign Language. As the co-editor of the Brazilian Sign Language Dictionary, Ms. Raphael supervised the teams of people working on the project.
Contributing Author
Renato D. Luz
Renato Dente Luz is a psychologist and a graduate student in the Laboratory of Experimental Cognitive Neuropsycholinguistics, Institute of Psychology, at the University of Sao Paulo (USP). Over the last three years, he has been thoroughly devoted to research on Brazilian Sign Language (Libras) and practice with Deaf people in Libras. He is a contributing author of the Brazilian Sign Language Dictionary.

Brazilian Sign Language Dictionary
Other Contributing Authors

Antonio Campos de Abreu
Director and President, FENEIS
Brazilian National Federation of the Deaf

Silvana Marques
Sign Language Illustrations

Eduardo Sabanovaite
Coordinator of the National Courses
on Brazilian Sign Language

Oliver Sacks
Neurologist & Writer

Valerie Sutton
Inventor, SignWriting
Sutton Movement Writing

SignWriting Team at the
University of Sao Paulo:

Keila Q.F. Viggiano
Sylvia Lia G. Neves
Aline C. Mauricio
Ricardo de S. Vieira



Credits & Sponsors
Contributing Authors
Volume One:
ISBN: 85-314-0600-5
Volume Two:
ISBN: 85-314-0603-X


The Brazilian Sign Language Dictionary
A Two-Volume Encyclopedia
on Brazilian Sign Language

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