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SignMaker 2015

This is so cool!!
You can download, or not download. Your choice.

SIGNMAKER 2015 is a powerful little program for smartphones, tablets and computers. Access sign language dictionaries from over 40 countries pre-written in SignWriting, or write your own sign language dictionary privately on your device. Download the program or work on the web. Copy and paste signs into email or documents.

SIGNMAKER 2015 is a standalone web application that features SignWriting TrueType Fonts and an integrated SignWriting dictionary. Dictionaries can be searched by spoken language or sign language. Write you own signs and sort them for dictionary look-up. SignMaker is coordinated with SignPuddle Online.

Works on all smartphones for Apple iOS and Android, including tablets and also computers. A SignMaker App is under development for Apple and Android too.


Write Dictionaries
& Sign Literature in
SignWriting on the web

Want to write Sign Language
dictionaries and Sign Language
documents in SignWriting, without
downloading anything? That is easy!

No need to download anything...Write it on the web...

Go to SignPuddle Online and for free, choose your country and write long documents in SignWriting, saving your documents online in an online library. No one will be able to change your documents but you, and you can then transfer your SignWriting work into other programs such as word processors, paint programs and SignWriting software like DELEGS software and SignWriter Studio. Need help? Go to SignPuddle Help Online, and view SignPuddle Video Instruction and download manuals...


Write SignWriting
Documents with
Spoken Languages

Delegs Editor

A new online SignWriting program is the DELEGS Editor from the University of Hamburg and C1 WPS GmbH in Germany, designed for Deaf Education. It is an excellent tool for writing translation texts between spoken and signed languages.

Type a spoken language using the Roman Alphabet and the signs written in SignWriting appear on the screen from left to right, with the spoken language beneath the signs, or choose not to have any words

No need to download anything...Write it on the web...

The Delegs SignWriting Editor is available in eleven sign languages. Write full and long documents in SignWriting, saving your documents online in an online library. Coordinates with SignPuddle Online.

German speakers, go to DELEGS.DE. Or visit the Delegs International web page.

SignWriter Studio

Windows Desktop
Editor for Sign
Dictionaries & Docs
SignWriter Studio Software

SignWriter Studio, desktop software designed by Jonathan Duncan, is a new program for SignWriting. Download and use it on your computer desktop. It is fully coordinated with SignPuddle Online, but provides a different way of working on Windows desktops.

Use SignWriter Studio for free and give us feedback on the SignWriting List. Join the SignWriting List and tell us what you think:

Join the SignWriting List

Features in SignWriter Studio include a dictionary and document editor, linguistic searches, printing Sign Lists to PDF, and importing and exporting to SignPuddle Online.

RAND Keyboard

New SignWriting
Keyboard for
Typing on the Web
RAND Keyboard

The RAND SignWriting Keyboard is new and making quite a stir in the SignWriting Online community!

For the first time, SignWriting can be typed outside of other SignWriting software, directly on the web in textfields, such as searching for something in the Google directory, or typing an article in sign language in a sign language Wikipedia...pretty cool indeed!

Developed by Yair Rand, and first presented at the SignWriting Symposium 2015 Presentation 41, the RAND Keyboard, although still under development, provides the world with a future bright with written sign languages throughout the web and on handheld devices...

Use the Rand SignWriting Keyboard now...

SWift Editor

New SignWriting
Editor from Italy
For Use on Firefox
SWift SignWriting Editor

The SWift Editor is presenting new ideas on software development and the use of SignWriting symbols. It was presented at the SignWriting Symposium 2014, entitled: "SWift, a user-centered digital editor for SignWriting within the SWORD project."

The SWift Editor is designed by software developers Fabrizio Borgia and Dr. Maria de Marsico, based on research analysis by Dr. Claudia Bianchini. Dr. Bianchini analyzed how signwriters in Italy wrote SignWriting and provided software developers with information through the SWORD Project. The result of this work is called the SWift Editor. "SWift" stands for "SignWriting improved fast transcriber".

The SWift Editor is user friendly and works well in Firefox on the Mac. Point your mouse towards a part of the body to find the symbols needed to write a document.

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