SignWriter Studio™

This program was developed to provide an easier starting point for beginners who are learning SignWriting and a faster way for all to write and share sign languages.


Features for Beginners

Symbol choosers help visualize the planes, the palm facings and hand direction.

Symbol name viewing in documents to help beginners understand symbols.

Hand symbol search by root shape, fingers etc. root shape, fingers etc.

Can show glosses along with signs in document.

Built-in ImageEditor for cropping and resizing pictures to show meaning of sign.

Print out of sign lists.(SignList)

Mark signs that already appear in other SignLists to print a list with only new signs.

Over 10 walkthroughs to help the beginner use SignWriter Studio™.

Sample database to explore.

Features for Everybody

List of favorite symbols to access them quickly when writing.

Full keyboard and mouse support to make sign writing more efficient.

Extra fast sign search by symbol or by gloss in the dictionary.

Dual gloss language for sign languages.

Supports most of the world's sign languages thanks to ISWA 2010.

Compatible with SignPuddle.

Documents saved in separate files.

Import and Export SignText and SPML

Runs locally, no web latency.

Save signs from a document back to the dictionary.

Re-order signs in document by dragging sign.

Include pictures in sign document.

Intuitive dictionary sign look up with gloss to sign feature to add signs to a document.

Fast positioning of symbols in sign.

Full undo of sign editing.

Multiple frame editing for composite signs.

Can edit symbol size and colors.


SignWriter Studio™ 1.1