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Peer-Reviewed Article Discusses SignWriting

"Sign Languages"
Cambridge University Press
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Sign Languages. Series: Cambridge Language Surveys. Edited by Diane Brentari. Chapter 8: Notation systems, Harry van der Hulst and Rachel Channon; 9. Cambridge University Press 2010.

Peer-Reviewed Article Uses and Discusses SignWriting

Roald, Ingvild and Øyvind Mikalsen (2000)
What are the Earth and the heavenly bodies like? A study of objectual conceptions among Norwegian deaf and hearing pupils.
International Journal of Science Education 22 (4) 337-355

SignWriting was used as a tool for the research. The paper shows the use of SignWriting and refers to other works where more information can be found (the SignWriting home page and a Norwegian book).

Flood, Cecilia Mary. 2002. How do deaf and hard of hearing students experience learning to write using signwriting, a way to read and write signs? [s.l.]: University of New Mexico.

Gangel-Vasques, Janice. 1997. Literacy in Nicaraguan Sign Language Assessing "Written Sign" Recognition Skills at the Escuelita de Bluefields. Monography, California State University, Dominguez Hills, CA.

Heylen, Kathleen, and Sara Geudens. 2005. Using SignWriting to teach VGT (Flemish Sign Language). In ICED - International Council for the Educating of the Deaf. Maastricht:

Martin, Joe C. 2007. Masters Thesis. "Writing and Signed Languages." College of Art and Sciences, Linguistics Program, University of South Carolina.

Rosenberg, Amy, 199. Masters Thesis. "Writing Signed Languages, In Support of Adopting an ASL Writing System." Linguistics.

Abushaira, Mohammad Ismael Mahmoud, 2007. Dissertation. "The Effect of SignWriting on the Achievement and Acquisition of Vocabulary by Deaf Students at Al-Amal School for the Deaf" in the City of Amman-Jordan. Graduate School Special Education, Jordan University, Amman, Jordan.



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