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Song originally written by KISI-Kids Austria

This is the translation that my husband (a CODA) made of a song a Christian children's choir in Austria (KISI-Kids) is singing. Our kids participated in this choir during our home assignement and wanted to share a song with the deaf here. One of our sign language helpers came in today (she has been studying SW for 2 afternoons so far) and "read/sang" the song. She was sooo excited to be able to understand a written document!! She hardly understands anything when reading English, but she had no problems at all with SW!!!!
Greetings to you all, Nana, Marian (my husband) and Maryann (the deaf lady)

For more information, contact:

Marian & Nana Dumitra

P. O. Box 81,
4500 Legaspi City,
Albay, Philippines



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