Summer Institute of Linguistics
Research Project in the 1990's

SignWriting in Mexico
Researching Mexican Sign Language

Participants: Linguists Karla Faurot Hurst, Mike Hurst, Dianne Dellinger Parkhurst, Andrew Eatough, and Steve Parkhurst from the Summer Institute of Linguistics. Some of the members of the group lived in Mexico for the first half of 1992, collecting over 3000 Mexican signs. These signs were typed in Sign Writing into a dictionary file on the computer, using the SignWriter Computer Program. The group then returned to the United States in the summer of 1992, to confer with linguist Al Bickford from the Summer Institute of Linguistics; to edit the dictionary; and to write papers summarizing their efforts. In their summaries, they suggested to the Wycliffe Bible Translators to use Sign Writing to help in the recording of translations of the Bible into Mexican Sign Language. It was hoped that a group would return to Mexico to do final editing on the dictionary. The project was still going in 1995-1996, but ceased in 1997.


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