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June 27, 2001

QUESTION 0077: Here I am again with an old doubt: should I write the end or start position ? I've read that it is best to write the last handshape, but I really feel that we read clearly with the start position and then add the symbol of movement. Here is an example...Gradma (Vovó in LIBRAS)

So...what do you think about it ?

For accuracy, the very best choice is to write BOTH the beginning and ending position. Then there is no question what to do. For those who do not know the sign, this gives the most concrete information.

One position can be taken away for speed in writing, but when a position is taken away, you run the risk that it will not be read correctly by everyone. There are rules to follow, which I will give you later. Mostly, people memorize these spellings, so after awhile, the rules have little meaning, but people read the signs anyway.

In the example you gave, we were fortunate that you wrote both the beginning and ending positions. When I read both positions, I realized that you really meant to use another Finger Movement Symbol. Without the second position, I would never have realized there was contact with the fingertips and thumb.

Dots mean movement from the middle of the finger only. Two dots placed over the first position would not mean that the fingertips touch the thumb in the second position. It would mean that the fingers are wiggling up and down, without reaching the thumb.

For the fingertips and thumb to touch twice, you will need the Hinge Movement Symbol, made by the Knuckle Joint. Below is an example. This answer will continue, so read the next message!


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