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February 25, 2000


When using the SignWriter Computer Program, sometimes I need a very short line, as a thumb, to construct a new handshape. How do I construct a new handshape in SignWriter 4.3?

ANSWER 0046:
In Examples 0046 below, it shows you the symbols on the "-" may be the question mark key on your keyboard, Stefan, simply because Germany may place the question mark there...but just find the key that gives you the symbols below...then change the size of the line by tapping on the "N" key.


SignWriting List
February 26, 2000

Can I construct a new handshape, by moving one symbol on top of each other?

ANSWER 0047: can construct handshapes in SignWriter 4.3. One way is with the little lines, shown in the previous messsage, under the "-" key. Another way is to place one symbol on top of the other. Here are instructions:


One last point about constructing handshapes....

1. Ask me if the handshape doesn't already may not be in SignWriter 4.3, but that doesn't mean the shape hasn't been used somewhere in the world, written by hand, so communicating with me is a good idea.

2. Follow the rules for building new handshapes in SignWriting. If you do not know them, don't worry - I can explain!

3. Inform me when you are using a new symbol a lot so I can incorporate it into the new SignWriter 5.0 later.


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