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Cooperativa D.I.R.E.

Marco and Maddalena Consolati, from the Cooperativa DIRE in Torino, Italy, began working with the SignWriter Computer Program in 1991. In 1992, SignWriter was distributed to approximately 30 signers in Italy. A research group consisting of teachers of the Deaf, linguists and interpreters, worked on creating an Italian Sign Language dictionary in the computer. Group members include Daniele Chiri, Corrado Gallo, Anna Sapuppo, Marco & Maddalena Consolati, and others from the Cooperativa DIRE organization. Announcements were made about Sign Writing to the Italian Deaf Community through their newsletter "SBALORDIRE" and on RAI Televideo (Italian National TV Network).


Marco Consolati

Cooperativa D.I.R.E.
Via Giacinto Collegno, 4
10134 Torino, Italy
011-39-11-437-6128 voice
011-39-11-489-459 FAX

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