Special Feature
September 15, 2001

Deaf Children
Around the World
Express Their
Grief Over The
Terrorist Attack

...SignWriting provides
an avenue of expression
for Deaf children...

Deaf Child in USA
Deaf Child in Germany
Canadian Children Respond...
Valerie Sutton Answers too...

Julio in New Mexico, USA



September 12, 2001

I thought it 'timely' to post one of our primary Deaf student's written commentary on this week's tragic historic event. Kate, the classroom teacher started the day anticipating that the students' would be arriving at school with many questions and comments about the horrific events that occurred on the east coast. One student requested time to express himself using one of the four SignWriting computers set up within the classroom. He recruited another peer to join him at the computer to 'write' about what had happened the day before and how they were feeling about it. The teacher reported that the two boys were seated at the SW computers for an hour 'co-writing' the following commentary attachment. The teacher added the English 'cues' for the student's parents so that they could read their son's 'reflections'.

Cecilia Flood

School Counselor
Hodgin Elementary School
Albuquerque, New Mexico

SignWriting Literacy Project in Albuquerque, New Mexico

1. Julio in USA 3. Paul in Canada 5. Stephany in Canada  7. Jimmy in Canada
2. Irina in Germany 4. Charnelle in Canada 6. Janene in Canada  8. Adrienne in Canada
For more information, contact the teachers:  

Cecilia Flood, USA
Stefan Woehrmann, Germany

Tini Pel, Canada
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