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From:  cmf
Date:  Tue Oct 9, 2001  3:16 am
Subject:  Re: "child centred"

Glad the idea is 'a good one'. Almost afraid of the 'work' that this idea
might entail but I really think it's worth it. Tini, I did deliver your
students' messages to Julio. We have one reply ready to send and another one
'in the works'. I'd like to get a reply for all your 'correspondents' before
I post them to the list so no one feels left out.
We were a little confused about the greeting to 'Edward'. Stefan, is that
one of your students? We'll be glad to send some 'letters' to your students
too. What say you?
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From: Henk Pel
Sent: Wednesday, October 03, 2001 6:01 PM
Subject: "child centred"

> Cecilia wrote:
> Sounds like we have the makings of a "child centred" documentary written
> Sign Writing about an Historical event and all of us who live on it. I
> suggest we keep collecting these illustrations and the written comments
> make a "book" and then send it to the library of Congress.
> A fantastic idea Cecillia, I am anxious to tell our children.
> You should have seen their faces lit up when I told them your message
> Valerie!!! I have promised them that I will make a copy for them, of the
> site.
> You know what? Their parents are starting to ask questions, and like to
> the web site as well.
> Just great!!!!!
> Thank you and a big huggggg
> Tini

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