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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Sat Oct 6, 2001  7:46 pm
Subject:  Re: Learning SignWriting anyone help?

SignWriting List
October 6, 2001

Hello SW List members, and Trevor!

I am glad to know that you received the materials, Trevor.
Yes...learning to read and write any language takes years of work.

Each country translates our Lessons in SignWriting Textbook from
English-ASL to their spoken and signed languages. Translations have
been done in Nicaragua, Spain, Norway, Denmark, Belgium (Flanders),
Brazil, Italy, Switzerland, Germany and name a
few...there may be others...I know Japan is starting a translation
now. I do not know of all projects using SignWriting any longer...

In England, I do not know of such a project, but you might contact
Bencie Woll to find out:

Bencie Woll

City University
Northampton Square
London, EC1V 0HB

Bencie and her researchers used SignWriting years ago in Bristol to
record international signing...and the SignWriter documents were
typed by a Norwegian Deaf man, so it was not exactly a BSL project!

I hope you find someone in England to help you. Or just learn BSL and
write down individual signs as you learn them, and slowly add them
into your dictionary a couple of years, you might have a
dictionary that will be useful to others...

Best of luck with writing BSL signs...I hope you will share some of
them with the SW List -

Val ;-)


Trevor wrote:
>Yes after all this time as a member of the list I finally have the time to
>learn SignWriting. :-O I have "Lessons in SignWriting" and SignWriter 4.4.
>However, I'm find the heavy dependency upon ASL in the workbook a
>hinderance to learning SignWriting for British Sign Language, which is my
>only signed language. Things like Spanish-R and Portugese-R have me
>confused. As do some of the axial/curved/rotational movement symbols.
>Maybe I'm just expecting a shallower learning curve.
>I'm wondering whether there's someone in England --- especially near
>London --- who'd be prepared to give me a few hours face-to-face coaching?
>For didactic reasons I need this before early AM Monday 22nd Oct. Perhaps
>an of-list contact so we can negoiate a fair rate for your time and agree
>a date to meet.
>Regards, Trevor
>British Sign Language is not inarticulate handwaving; it's a living language.
>Support the campaign for formal recognition by the British government now!
>Details at
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