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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Thu Oct 4, 2001  4:01 pm
Subject:  Re: "child centred"

SignWriting List
October 4, 2001

Hello Tini, Cecilia and everyone -
Of course you are waiting for the web site! That makes sense...and
please tell everyone how much I look forward to share....

Too bad that web sites take so much work to design and post (as I
know Stefan and Jerry know all too well)....what you think will take
a day, takes four days when it comes to web design....but then once
it is up on the web, it is there for a lifetime....and continues to
share daily with new visitors...

This afternoon I am having member from the Deaf
Community I haven't seen for over a year! So it will be a great

And then back to work....

It would be great to have some Deaf children from other countries as
well...I hope that teachers around the world will ask their students
to write something about world peace in SignWriting....Mohamed's
prayer really touched me, and we could use prayers from the children

Val ;-)


>Cecilia wrote:
>Sounds like we have the makings of a "child centred" documentary written in
>Sign Writing about an Historical event and all of us who live on it. I
>suggest we keep collecting these illustrations and the written comments and
>make a "book" and then send it to the library of Congress.
>A fantastic idea Cecillia, I am anxious to tell our children.
>You should have seen their faces lit up when I told them your message
>Valerie!!! I have promised them that I will make a copy for them, of the Web
>You know what? Their parents are starting to ask questions, and like to see
>the web site as well.
>Just great!!!!!
>Thank you and a big huggggg

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