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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Thu Oct 4, 2001  3:17 pm
Subject:  A "call for children's writing"...

SignWriting List
October 4, 2001

Cecilia, Tini and all teachers on the SW List:

What a wonderful idea, Cecilia. Yes...I agree...

So this is a "call for children's writing"about the terrorist attacks....

I hope other teachers and children will contribute too. With
permission from the parents and schools, we can create a book and a
corresponding web posting.

Anything you send to me, or post to the SW List, will be public...I
know both Julio and Irina have touched many lives, and if I were
their parent, I would be proud that my child was contributing...

I can easily add new writing at any time... So although I am working
on the web posting right now, feel free to continue to send in your
contributions...They will always be welcome!

Val ;-)


>Valerie, Tini and the list,
>Sounds like we have the makings of a 'child centered' documentary written in
>SignWriting about an Historical event that has changed the world and all of
>us who live on it. I suggest we keep collecting these illustrations and the
>written comments and make a 'book' and then send it to the Library of
>Thank you Tini for those drawings and notes introducing your students to our
>students. I'll give the two sent to Julio to him tomorrow. Expect a
>reply....probably not only from Julio but from his 'peers' as well.
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>From: Valerie Sutton
>Sent: Saturday, September 29, 2001 6:40 PM
>Subject: Thank you Canadian children!
>> SignWriting List
>> September 29, 2001
>> Dear Tini and children!
>> Thank you very much for your SignWriting posters. They are truly
>> beautiful and I am sure that the Deaf students in New Mexico and
>> Germany will love them too!
>> Ironically, I had just written to teacher Cecilia Flood in New
>> Mexico, saying that I had planned to move Julio's and Irina's writing
>> from the front page of our web site tomorrow, so that we could stop
>> grieving and "move on", and then Cecilia wrote back saying she is not
>> ready to stop grieving....
>> Now that you have shown us these drawings, Tini, I think instead I
>> will include these new ones with the old ones, making an expanded web
>> posting, but also including other stories on the front page of the
>> site to give it a balance. May I post these drawings on the web, Tini?
>> Please tell your students that they are a true gift...
>> Val ;-)

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