Project Description
SignWriting Literacy Project

Deaf students show the books they received
from the SignWriting Literacy Project

Donating Materials To Schools

The SignWriting Literacy Project provides colorful SignWriting storybooks, workbooks, dvds and software, specially designed to teach profoundly deaf children to read and write. Schools for the deaf in the USA & Canada, and some in other countries, are benefiting from participating in the project. Classrooms with Deaf students receive free materials, and in return, the teachers, students, parents and administrators provide ideas and feedback. This beneficial exchange of ideas is published on the web, in the SignWriting Teacher's Forum, and is also available printed, upon request.

Classrooms with Deaf students receive the first year:

20 Workbooks Level 1
2. 20 Storybooks Levels 2-4
3. 20 Dictionaries Levels 2-4
4. Flashcards
5. Educational DVDs with Manuals
6. SignPuddle & SignBank Software
7. Lessons In SignWriting Textbook & CD Rom
8. A Web Page for the Class
9. Full Technical & Instruction Support


And in return, the feedback collected is shared on the web.

Questions? Write to:

Center For Sutton Movement Writing

a non-profit educational organization
P.O. Box 517, La Jolla, CA, 92038-0517, USA
858-456-0098 voice, 858-456-0020 fax



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Webmaster: Valerie Sutton



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