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The DAC, the Deaf Action Committee For Sign Writing, is sponsored by the Center For Sutton Movement Writing, Inc., a non-profit, tax-exempt, educational, membership organization founded in Southern California in 1974. Directed by Valerie Sutton, the Center collects funds for publishing SignWriting, a way to read and write any signed language in the world. SignWriting is used in Deaf Education, to teach literacy, and to preserve the rich cultural Sign Language heritage of Deaf communities worldwide.

The Center writes grants and collects funds to donate free books, dvds and software to schools for the Deaf through the SignWriting Literacy Project.

The Fall 1998 Literacy Project donated books, videos and software to three schools and two private groups. The feedback from the teachers will be published in a report at the end of 1998. Meanwhile other schools for the deaf wait in line for materials. Without funding, the materials cannot be printed and shipped to the students K-12.

Valerie Sutton, the inventor of SignWriting and the founder of the Center, donated her full-time work in 1998 to literacy for Deaf children. And several Deaf staff members and computer programmers donated their time as well. So donations are not going to administrative costs. Instead, all donations will be specifically used to produce and ship the materials needed by the schools.

Complete documentation and grant proposals can be provided. Sponsors can even choose which school they wish to benefit.


Center For Sutton Movement Writing

a non-profit educational organization
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