SignWriting Markup Language

...the original version of SWML developed in Brazil...

Dr. Antônio Carlos da Rocha Costa
Centro de Ciências Computacionais
Prog. Pós-grad. Modelagem Computacional
Universidade Federal do Rio Grande
96.201-900 Rio Grande, RS, Brasil.


SWML, the SignWriting Markup Language, was the pioneering work of Dr. Antonio Carlos da Rocha Costa, professor of Computer Science at the Universidade Federal do Rio Grande in southern Brazil. As director of the former SignNet Project, Dr. Rocha Costa developed new software for SignWriting, creating, among others, the SW-Edit program, and the first version of SWML, which lay the foundation for later versions of SWML developed in Belgium and the US.


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posted February 5, 2001

"Supporting Deaf Sign Languages
in Written Form on the Web"


Professor António Carlos da Rocha Costa
& Professor Graçaliz Pereira Dimuro


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Professor António Carlos da Rocha Costa
directed a SignWriting Workshop on the Internet in 1997...



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