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SignWriterJava US
with American Sign Language
Dictionary and Sgn Files

posted June 2, 2003
ZIP Compression, 1.4 mb

This download includes:
SignWriter Java Manual
SignWriter Java Program

SignWriter Java is not a finished computer program.
This free download has known software glitches.
SignWriterJava NI
with Nicaraguan Sign Language
Dictionary and Sgn Files

posted December 8, 2004
ZIP Compression, 688 kb
3 Download User Manual

June 1, 2003, 812 kb

To use SignWriter Java, you will need the current version
of Java installed on your computer.

To Download The Current Version of Java:

Once Java is installed on your computer, you will be able to use SignWriter Java.

1. Install the current version of Java.
2. Open the SignWriter Java folder.
3. Open the file named SignWriter.jar
4. SignWriter Java 5.0 will open in a window.

Note: Old SignWriter DOS files can open in SignWriter Java if the old files are placed in the same folder with SignWriter Java, plus the file names must be all lower case for SW Java to open them. The old MS DOS file names tend to be in capital letters, so you will need to rename the files to lower case letters, including the .SGN ending, which must be .sgn.

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Valerie Sutton