First let me present myself:

My name is Ingvild Roald. I am a Norwegian woman, and have been teaching mathematics and science, especially physics, to deaf students since 1975.

I have a higher university degree in physics, with mathematics, history of philosophy, religion, general applied education and special education thrown in.

Two years ago I was also given the opportunity to take a university level course of Norwegian Sign Language (NSL), the language in which I have been teaching for so many years without any real qualifications.


 Presently I am also trying to get my doctorate in applied education: Deaf students and their concepts of physics. I hope to defend my dissertation early in 2001.

Not being a linguist, I nevertheless have been heavily involved in terminology creation in Norwegian Sign Language. The physics part of this is described here, in the hopes that people who are more versed in linguistics than I am, may read and comment upon this. My e-mail address is (work) or (private).

Having used SignWriting (SW) since the early 1980s, SW is my natural means of conserving and communicating signs when not in eye-to-eye contact with my audience. More about myself can be found at my homepage: