Well, welcome to America. Now, you mentioned SignWriting. So, I'm interested in what your thoughts and feelings are about this SignWriting Project?


Well, I think it's another sign or example of growth of the "Deaf Identity". Similar to what has occurred with other ethnic groups in America.


Thank you. All right, I would now like to ask your opinion on how we can get SignWriting to be officially recognized by the governments and deaf educational institutions, and as a part of linguistics? Also, what about in your educational institutions in Saudi Arabia?


Well, I think it has to happen at the governmental level. What I mean, is that, if the people involved in politics and the rest of the American people accept and view the Deaf as being like any other "ethnic entity", then, and only then, will it be recognized and accepted by the governments.

Now, with regards to the educational institutions - I think you have to begin the change with the politics in America. And then you'll be able to bring about an acceptance among the various systems of education in America.

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The above was signed in ASL by Denny Voreck
and Abdul Aziz Al-Obaid in 1995
on the video entitled
Deaf Perspectives on SignWriting, Video 2.

The English text is a word-for-word transcription of the English voice-over on the video, by interpreter Pasch McCombs.