SignWriting Workshop
In Brazil
Broadcast On The Internet


From the desk of
Valerie Sutton
La Jolla, California
March 15, 1997


Hello Everyone!

On March 15th, 1997, I was happy and excited. The night before I set my alarm for 4:00 in the morning...yes that's right...4:00am...and I was looking forward to waking up early!

Why? Because after 23 years of hard work, SignWriting was being broadcast to the world on the Internet by people on the other side of the globe - in Brazil! And I was an invited guest, just like everyone else on the Internet. I didn't have to do anything except stay awake and watch photographs of the workshop being projected on my computer screen :-)

The workshop started at 9:30 in the morning in Brazil, and Brazil is five hours ahead of California, so 9:30 was 4:30 for anyone on the west coast of the USA. My guess is, most of you Californians did not watch the broadcast!

That is why we wrote this article - so you can see the wonderful photographs that were taken during the workshop. The photos you see here are the photos that were broadcast approximately one to two minutes after they were taken.

How did this work? Brazil they established a Web address for the broadcast. Viewers simply used their web browser, such as Netscape Navigator or Internet Explorer, to access the special web site. Viewers could then choose if they wanted to see one photo, four photos or ten photos at one time. These still photographs were continually projected on the screen, being updated regularly. The snapshots would change every couple of minutes, so although it was not exactly "real time", it was close to it. It certainly made you feel like you were "there".

For those of you who could not attend on March 15th, the photographs on the following pages of this article were "captured" from the Internet Broadcast. Enjoy!

Valerie Sutton