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"Words & What Not" by Gerard Meijssen
Blogs About SignWriting
and the ASL Wikipedia Project

18 October 2013
SignWriting, Sign Languages, An Interview with Valerie, Part II
Thanks to SignWriting, sign languages can move on from only having an "oral tradition". I have been privileged to witness as the SignWriting community moves slowly but surely ahead in gaining recognition by making their languages and their cultures equal to any other language in the age of Internet... read full blog

17 October 2013
SignWriting, Sign Languages, An Interview with Valerie, Part I
When I asked Valerie to answer ten questions, her response was to ask the SignWriting community for their opinion. This, the first part, explains the need for sign languages. As it is the most often asked question about sign languages it deserves a full response... read full blog

02 June 2010
MediaWiki - SignWriting roadmap (guest blog by Steve Slevinski)
It is a distinct honour and pleasure to have Steve Slevinski as a guest blogger...Steve's blog: "Solving a desktop issue on the server"... SignWriting is a universal script for all sign languages. SignWriting is covered by open standards...Now that we are approaching a stable standard, we are ready to consider a Unicode proposal....

27 May 2010
Incubating ASL for a new Wikipedia in a new script
MediaWiki is awesome; it supports some 300 languages in the many Wikipedias and in the incubator. For several hundred languages, all sign languages, there is no Wikipedia yet. Worse, MediaWiki does not support the SignWriting script that is necessary to write these languages...

21 Apr 2010
The gospel according to John
This video shows Ed, Ed is deaf from birth, he does not know SignWriting in depth but he got interested and studied it a little. He then reads chapter 3, verse 16 from the "gospel according to John" from the book. ...

22 Feb 2010
Happy Birthday Valerie (Hope for SignWriting Lab with Wikimedia)
...We hope for an American Sign Language Wikipedia and/or a SignWriting Lab project in the near future...

05 Jan 2010
The #signwriting extension for #mediawiki is getting ready
SignWriting is a script that enables the writing of sign languages. Given that there are more then 100 sign languages, it is really important that these languages can be written. It is important because for many people...

22 Dec 2008
Words and what not: SignWriting and hand writing
When I write about SignWriting, I write about the script, how it can be used for any sign language and about the request for a Wikipedia in American Sign Language. The SignWriting mailing list has been focusing mostly on the development ...

21 Dec 2008
modern technology
in the signwriting world, it was this week very much about modern technology and the availability of it. the first thing was about video clips. valerie found that it is possible to record video with a big compression rate. ...

01 Dec 2008
signs and their corresponding signwriting symbols
i learned that a set of animated gifs are being created to demonstrate what a signwriting sign looks like together with a picture of a hand that signs it. sadly it seems that my blog software does support gif but not animated gif. ...

30 Oct 2008
proof of concept for an asl wikipedia.
i just received the wonderful news that steve slevinski has created a proof of concept for a mediawiki that supports signwriting. this is great news. it means that a wikipedia in american sign language is that much closer. ...

24 Jun 2008
why signwriting
adam frost created a wonderful video, this video was originally created for the cherasco conference and has now found a home on the signwriting website as well. adam's presents a compelling case for being able to write in your native ...

02 May 2008
beta release of the signwriting image server
today i received the announcement that the signwriting image server (swis) has been given its beta release. it comes with the international signwriting alphabet (iswa) 2008 set of symbols that currently defines 30 symbolgroups, ...

11 Mar 2008
another obvious reason to support signwriting
the notion of signwriting is one that i have take a fancy to. for those who do not know, signwriting is the only script capable of writing sign languages. there are many sign languages.. according to ethnologue there are 121 sign ...

16 Nov 2007
69 page document in signwriting
i received an e-mail that mentions a 69 page document is signwriting. at this moment a document in signwriting is still considered to be exceptionally large. it does prove that people are able to write documents in their sign language ...

27 May 2007
a license for signwriting
...the big question she asked me to ask david and my readers is: "if all signwriting symbols were under the sil open font license (ofl) would you feel free to use the symbols?" thanks, gerardm. site feed...

20 May 2007
more on scripts, fonts and signwriting
the signwriting script is young, it represents a revolution in the signing world and it has to be adopted by many signing communities. it is different from other written representations of signing languages because it is actually used ...

13 Apr 2007
...signwriting is one way of expressing signed languages. there are several ways of doing this, signwriting is the one favoured by most people who actually write down the signed languages. there is a request for a wikipedia for the ......

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"Words & What Not" by Gerard Meijssen
Blogs About SignWriting
and the ASL Wikipedia Project

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