SignWriting in Albuquerque Directory

Lance Castillo, Age 7

Teacher Cecilia Flood
describes the
diagram to the right:

"This drawing and brief Signwritten comment tells us a little bit about Lance's SignWriting experiences. For almost five months now, Lance comes to this very small room that has standard equipment, one to two camcorders and a very large TV. He comes with two other SignWriting learners. They stand, they sit, and they read and write in books, SignWriting books. His request this day was to watch the SignWriting activities on the TV. His illustration could not be any clearer. His SignWritten comment tells us that Lance is surely in the 'technological' know-how-to make this possible. Be assured his request will be granted the very first minutes of our SignWriting session next week." Teacher Cecilia Flood


Mark Twain Elementary School
Hearing Impaired Program
Below: Lance typed a sentence in
SignWriting with the
SignWriter Computer Program saying:
"TV, take photos, both together". teacher's comments...

SignWriting in Albuquerque Directory