SignWriting in Massachusetts
Unity for Gallaudet

Hello SignWriters:
The recent march from Gallaudet University to the US capitol has an abbreviated version of SignWriting on it!
See picture number 40 at the following website:
and tell me if it looks the same way to you!
The march happened yesterday morning, and there were 4,000 people in all ... this is an exciting time on campus now, whatever side of the issue you're on.
The SW above is what I think that sign is saying, which is one of the big chants from this round of protests.

This is the button design I've worked out; how does it look to you?
Sure hope people can pack up their tents (happily!) and go home soon.I'll be heading to the "tent city" in RI if I can, and taking the button with me; lots of people are following the events. Have just heard of a "tent city" in the UK - London!
Kim from Boston

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Kim Shaw from Boston


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