Message posted on the SignWriting List

March 18, 2005
Sandy Fleming

Hi List!

I've just written my first complete story in BSL. It's a translation of
the traditional Low Saxon story "The Wren".

It's too big to attach so if you go to SignPuddle and click on the
"Translate" item in the menu, or just click here:

then enter the following glossed text of the story:

little-bird nest where, it garage. parents fly-away, why. food bring
birds-being-fed. baby bird alone. soon father bird home. happen here
what. attack who. you-children afraid. recently, monster come. it
horrible, stare. afraid reason. yes, open-question it go where. yes
road. stay, me go. going-for. is-it-afraid. not-at-all. will tell-off.
fly-away, home where, yes bend-in-road, bird-flying, see what. yes lion, animal-walking. little-bird is-it-afraid not-at-all. lion it back,
bird-landing, tell-off. nest you finish come. children me they afraid.
why. lion, animal-walking. little-bird furious, tell-off. nest you
not-allowed, shake-head rights. if come-back, leg me smash-down, back you break. fly-away, home nest. fine. it finish tell-off. gone.