near the Beach!

La Jolla, San Diego, California
ly 1 - July 07, 2013

Learn to
Read & Write Any Sign Language

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An in-depth week
of learning SignWriting...

Learn to read and write ASL, or ANY sign language...

July 1 - July 7, 2013
7 morning sessions, 9:00am- 12 noon
. Parties July 4th & 7th!

Workshop topics...

La Jolla Recreation Center, 615 Prospect Street, La Jolla, across from the Museum of Contemporary Art. One block from the beach and 20 minutes from Mexico. Hotels and restaurants are in walking distance...

Taught by 3 teachers:
1. Deaf ASL Teacher & Linguist, Adam Frost
2. ASL Literature writer, Nancy Romero
3. Inventor, SignWriting, Valerie Sutton

$200 for seven 3-hour morning sessions, with parties on July 4 & 7. Books and software are included. You can also attend single 3-hour sessions, at $50 per session. Register now...

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SignWriting Workshop La Jolla 2013
July 1 -3, & July 5 - 6
At the La Jolla Recreation Center

Instruction will be flexible, and presented in this order:

SignWriting Basics
For all levels. Everyone receives the SignWriting Basics Manual. Advanced signwriters benefit from this session too...

Read SignWriting Literature
Learn to "sign out loud" while reading ASL, and learn to read ASL silently, for speed. Reading materials will be provided, including ASL Wikipedia articles, children's stories, and thick books in written ASL.

SignWriting Hand Symbols
It will be fun to see photos/animation of Hand Symbols, and discuss palm facing and finger directions. New manual: ASL Hand Symbols.

SignWriting Movement Symbols
Adam Frost has developed excellent videos that teach & review movement & contact symbols. This session is exciting and intense.

SignWriting Facial Expressions, Body Movement
Learn SignWriting Facial Expressions, Head/Body Movement, even dynamics and timing of movement. You will be amazed so much can be written!

July 4th...
Write SignWriting by Computer
(in Valerie’s home)

Individual signs and full documents can be written on the Internet. Bring your laptop. Computers will also be there at the workshop, and there is WiFi. Several software programs will be introduced, including how to post Wikipedia articles. And we will party after we are done – Happy July 4th!

July 7th...
SignWriting Handwriting
(Sunday at Valerie’s home)

You don't need a computer to write...just a pen and paper. This last session gives you a useful daily tool for jotting down notes in ASL for personal use. A fitting end to a fun week – and a light lunch on Val’s deck ;-)

Download Manual

SignWriting Basics

SignWriting Basics Instruction Manual
Workshop Flyer

July 1 - July 7, 2013

SignWriting Workshop
Why SignWriting?

by Adam Frost


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