Poem: One Harbor
This poem by D.N. Sutton is re-told by
Kevin Clark in American Sign Language,
& transcribed from video into SignWriting.

Poem: One Harbor
Writing Frame by Frame, Expressive View

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OneHarbor051-lighthouse light rotates 5 OneHarbor051-lighthouse light rotates 5
  OneHarbor052-lighthouse light rotates 6 OneHarbor052-lighthouse light rotates 6
OneHarbor053-don't know, or don't realize 1 OneHarbor053-don't know, or don't realize 1
OneHarbor054-don't know, or don't realize 2 OneHarbor054-don't know, or don't realize 2
OneHarbor055-out over the ocean...1 OneHarbor055-out over the ocean...1
OneHarbor056-out over the ocean...2 OneHarbor056-out over the ocean...2
OneHarbor057-water OneHarbor057-water
OneHarbor058-struggling in large waves...1 OneHarbor058-struggling in large waves...1
OneHarbor059-struggling in large waves...2 OneHarbor059-struggling in large waves...2
OneHarbor060-struggling in large waves...3 OneHarbor060-struggling in large waves...3

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