I desperately need a symbol for 'press'.

In one of the local sign languages the flat hand is pressed tightly against the stomach...


ANSWER 0006:
The symbol for press is a combination of the Tension Symbol and a Touch Contact Star...which is "touching with tension". Sometimes people add arrows showing the direction of the press, but even without arrows "touching with tension" is easily read by others, from our experience....


The hand pressing against the stomach:


Two hands pressing together:

Sign for "pressure" in ASL:
Two hands pressing together and moving down twice:

Do you have any way to indicate the legs and/or feet? I have about 5-6 variations for 'pants' that are different enough to need to make up new dictionary entries for each one. For the sign for shoe the man actually lifted his foot and made up a 'new' (to me) sign for foot with straight sides and coming to a point on the right (he was using his left hand), then he indicated pulling on a shoe.

ANSWER 0007:
Yes. SignWriting originally stems from DanceWriting, so we write the legs and feet too. If there is no contact with the leg or foot, then the sign is written beneath the hip line, and that is all. But if the sign contacts the leg or foot, then you need to write a line for the leg and foot, just as we write arm lines when there is contact on the arm.

Rubbing up the knee....

Slapping your foot....



Two signs for "pants" in ASL:
Notice the movement is under the hip line:

Sign for "boots" in ASL:
Notice the movement is under the hip line:

Pulling one boot up the leg....

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