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About The SignWriting List

List members from 20 countries share their experiences writing different sign languages in SignWriting, discussing the social impact of writing sign languages, and sharing their research projects. The International SignWriting Alphabet (ISWA) writes facial expressions, handshapes, body movement and detailed storytelling of any sign language in the world.

Ask questions on how to write a sign, and Valerie Sutton, inventor, and other teachers, will respond. The List teachers demonstrate how to read and write signs from any country, directly on the List with attached graphics and video clips. All members are welcome to post technical questions.

SignPuddle Software, and other software developed for SignWriting, is shared with the List, and programmers discuss their techniques for software development. Lessons are provided in learning how to use software to write Sign Language Literature and to produce documents for publication. Members of the Deaf Community who use SignWriting give opinions and suggestions. Discussions and feedback make this a lively list!

The SignWriting List accepts attached files, including video, photos, and documents. This makes it possible to send email messages written in sign languages in SignWriting. Messages are welcome in all spoken and sign languages. We look forward to meeting you on the List!

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