January 9, 2001

SignWriting Year-End Report
Important Events in the Year 2000

The Sutton Fonts
True Type For Windows and Macintosh

Eighteen SignWriting Fingerspelling Fonts were developed and released in year 2000, designed by Michael Everson in Dublin, Ireland, for the Deaf Action Committee For SignWriting (the DAC). They are free for download on the web.

"SGN" Becomes World Standard

Our joint proposal to the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) was accepted in Washington DC in February, 2000, thanks to the efforts of Michael Everson. The 3-letter code "sgn" now represents "sign language" in computer programs around the world.

SignWriting E-Lessons

Valerie Sutton taught ongoing SignWriting lessons on email to members of the SignWriting List in the year 2000. These lessons, posted on the internet, spread the use of SignWriting in 18 countries. Sutton created web pages recording the lessons. They will be incorporated into future textbooks.

New Mexico
SignWriting Literacy Projects

School systems in two New Mexico cities, Albuquerque and later Las Cruces, pioneered the use of SignWriting in US deaf education. Teacher and researcher Cecilia Flood, who brought SignWriting to the Albuquerque Public School system in 1999, stimulated other teachers to use SignWriting in 2000. Documentation shows Deaf children are benefiting.

SignWriting Literacy Project

At the "Landesbildungszentrum für Hoergeschädigte", a school for Deaf children in Osnabrück, Germany, teacher Stefan Woehrmann has pioneered the use of SignWriting. German Deaf children are learning to read, write, and speak words better, because of their teacher's intense dedication to the use of SignWriting.

South African
SignWriting Literacy Project

At the Fulton School for the Deaf in Durban, South Africa, Deaf teacher Ingrid Foggitt is teaching SignWriting to her Deaf students from the Kingdom of Zulu. Eleven different Sign Languages are used at the school, and SignWriting can write them all.

SignBible Site
: Bible verses
written in SignWriting in ASL.

New SignWriting Web Sites!
Year 2000

The SignBible Site

The SignPoetry Site

German SignWritingSite

SWML, SignWriting Markup Language

SignWriting Markup Language

The SignWriting Markup Language, or SWML, is the work of Dr. Antonio Carlos da Rocha Costa, professor of Computer Science at the Universidade Católica de Pelotas in southern Brazil. As director of the SignNet Project, which focuses on new computer programs for SignWriting, Dr. Rocha Costa is doing important work. SWML will be used as an integral part of Unicode and will lay the foundation for future SignWriting computer programming.

SymbolBank Database

Posted on the SignBankSite, Sutton's SymbolBank is a database listing all of the symbols of Sutton Movement Writing. It includes comparison charts between symbols used in older computer programs such as SignWriter 4.3, with newer symbol sets for the SignWriting Markup Language (SWML), Unicode, and other SignWriting computer programs under development.

Italian Sign Language

TISLR Conference
Amsterdam July 2000

The 7th Conference on Theoretical Issues in Sign Language Research (TISLR) included SignWriting in several papers. James Shepard-Kegl presented written Nicaraguan Sign Language. Other presentations included written Malaysian and Italian Sign Languages.

 SignWriting was taught in Spain in the year 2000, thanks to the dedication of linguists Steve and Dianne Parkhurst. Their new textbook, SignoEscritura, is referred to by SignWriting users all over the world.

 SignWriting in Belgium, Brazil, Italy, Japan, Nicaragua, Norway, Peru, Spain, and Switzerland...

Important new SignWriting projects developed in the year 2000, including the Flemish Sign Language Dictionary, the Swiss-German Sign Language Databank, an impressive Brazilian Sign Language Dictionary with thousands of pages, including an introduction that teaches SignWriting symbols, the Japanese Fingerspelling Font, new SignWriting literature in Nicaraguan Sign Language, new research and a web site from Norway, and the start of translations of SignWriting texts in several countries.

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