Project Description
SignWriting Literacy Project

Deaf student Danny
is reading from the computer screen with the help of teacher Cecilia Flood, who is conducting research on the effectiveness of the SignWriting Literacy Project, at the University of New Mexico.

SignWriter 5.0

Right now, Deaf People & Teachers In 17 Countries
Use SignWriter 4.4 in MS-DOS

Some Deaf people use SignWriter daily and depend upon it.

They are all waiting anxiously for SignWriter 5.0!

1. SignWriter 4.4 in MS-DOS was programmed in two old programming languages: Microsoft Pascal and Assembly Language.

2. SignWriter 5.0 is being written as a Java application, the new, flexible programming language fitting today's technology. It will be a "cross-platform" program.

3. The source code from SignWriter 4.4 in MS-DOS could not be transferred automatically to Java. The majority of the source code has to be re-written.

4. So ten years of work developing SignWriter 4.4 in MS-DOS now has to be improved in Java. Old files, typed with SignWriter 4.4, need to "convert" into the new SignWriter 5.0 format. Dictionaries are complex in SignWriter and must convert too.

5. New features are being built into SignWriter 5.0, such as a new Multi-Lingual User Interface, and typing down the page in vertical columns.


Center For Sutton Movement Writing

a non-profit educational organization
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