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2.3 Sample writings in SignWriting

To give the reader a feel for signs written in SignWriting, we reproduce here some signs and their approximate glosses in English. The signs are taken both from the American Sign Language (ASL) and the Brazilian Sign Language (LIBRAS).

On the Web, such signs are usually shown in the GIF format, so that their rendering is immediate in any browser. The SVG rendering of signs is analyzed in section 3.

2.3.1 Sample icons in American Sign Language (ASL)




2.3.2 Sample text in Brazilian Sign Language (LIBRAS)

The Story of Goldilocks

"Papa, and Mama, and Baby, three bears, they hungry, they want to eat."

(First lines of the Goldilocks story, written in LIBRAS, in the vertical mode)


 2.2.3 Sample text in American Sign Language (ASL)

The Ten Commandments

(The first lines of the Ten Commandments, The Signed Bible, by Pastor Ron Dettloff)