The school has students from all over the country. There are several different educations offered at the school, and in 1988 the first students with a university entrance exam of general education graduated. Before that, vocational educations only were offered.

Today the school is much changed. Sign language is fully accepted and also taught. The school's name is 'Bjørkåsen', that is 'Birch hill'.

 You can read more about the school and its programs today at this web-site (some of the pages are in English as well as Norwegian):


More than half of all deaf students in Norway get their upper secondary education here. But as Norway is a small country, the number of deaf students is also small, only 30 ­ 60 students each year in all of Norway (The bureau for national resource centers for special education 1998). Thus the school is not large and the classes are very small, 1 ­ 8 students to a class.
 The two physics classes described in this text constituted about 10% of their age classes, about the same proportions as that for hearing students with physics majors in those years (Editor of FFV 1999).