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May 5, 1998

SUBJECT: SW Flashcards

From: "Thresa Mather" <>
To: <>
Subject: Flash Cards
Date: Tue, 5 May 1998 20:03:32 -0400

please post to SW list

I think the style flash card would be great, especially for students like me who are learning ASL now. I had made some of my own from pics from the Joy of Signing book, but I think the SW version is much better. Gives you a better feel of what to do. I have been following the SW list for awhile and think it is wonderful what you are doing. I can't wait until I graduate so I can use SW in teaching myself. It is time for us to use this system in Deaf Education! I have visited numerous programs for the deaf and come home aggravated because it seems like they (meaning the teachers) are just beating a dead horse and aren't using their full spectrum of sources for teaching these children. I know I've gotten off the flash cards subject, but, they would also be useful for the children. Once they learn the SignWriting system, we could use the flash cards to help them learn English as a second language the same way I would use them to help me learn ASL. These flash cards have wonderful potential!!!! TAM



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Valerie Sutton


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