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April 25, 1998

SUBJECT: SW Literacy Development

On April 24th, 1998, Ruth Kartchner wrote:
>I'm interested in Sign Writing for a project in Chile. Is that possible?
>or does it have to be here in the U.S.?

>>Ruth Kartchner


Hi Ruth!
When we first started the SignWriting Literacy Project, it was supposed to be solely for American Sign Language (ASL), because our materials are written in ASL.

However, since that time, I have received so many requests from other countries that I have decided to open the project to other signed languages as well. As you will see in future postings, a linguist and native signer from Brazil, Ronice M. de Quadros, will be working with me to translate the SignWriting materials into Brazilian Sign Language and Portuguese (at a future date). We hope we will someday have a Brazilian SignWriting Literacy Project.

We can do the same for Chile, but we will need to work with someone fluent in Chilean Sign Language, who can do the translations of the materials. Once we receive the written Chilean Sign Language translation typed with the SignWriter Computer Program, then I will do the book layout, so that all the materials will look the same, using the same art work etc., but simply written in different languages.

So the answer is yes...except it will take time to develop the project in other languages.

So if you know of someone in Chile who is interested, you are welcome to direct them to us :-)

All the best -