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April 23, 1998

SUBJECT: Perspectives on SignWriting

From: Charles Butler <>
Organization: Ecumenicon
To: SignWriting <>
Subject: Re: Perspectives on SignWriting

Reply to mailing list.

I agree wholeheartedly that SignWriting is an asset to presenting ASL and other languages as "whole languages" not "partial languages". In terms of "ease of writing" I would strongly suggest we may want to go back and revisit "SignWriting Shorthand" as I have used this extensively when taking notes. As an "at speed" system it is ideal to catch the "train of thought" before it disappears and is amazing in how much nuance it still picks up.

I am reminded in comparison to Hebrew Printed characters (vowel points and all) and Hebrew script, which is written much faster and without vowel points. Perhaps we can find a happy medium. When I was learning Hebrew we learned Printed Capitals but never got on to written script. That I had to pick up on my own.

I remember going to one conference and being able to Sign-Write an entire choreographed signed piece in shorthand that I could later write out in full-body sign writing to give to the signer. I found it useful as in interpreter to be able to write something quickly, sort of like "key words" for a speech and later write out the full rhythmic musical interpretation later.

Hope my rambling makes sense to people. Love the feedback.

Charles Butler