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April 23, 1998

SUBJECT: SignWriting Literacy Project

Dear List Members:
This is the first in a series of postings on the SignWriting Literacy Project.

The Literacy Project is a free program for teachers of deaf students. Our non-profit organization collects funds through private foundations to support the project. When we receive funding, we donate SignWriting materials and technical support to teachers. We also donate a special web page to each participating group.

The teachers who participate in the program promise to give us feedback. Everyone knows that their written feedback will be posted on the web. This is important, because the web offers other teachers access to the information. We are hoping that sharing information will encourage other teachers to try to use SignWriting too.

We have over 500 people on the SignWriting Email List. Not everyone on the List has access to the World Wide Web. I did not realize this fact until recently. It is a shame, because the web offers so much information - especially visual information - that cannot be shown through email. SignWriting itself needs to be viewed on the web (or in books or on video, of course). What really surprised me, was how many classrooms do not yet have access to the web! So this is one problem we must face. Only some of you can go to the web, when I direct you to a specific page. this message I want to inform you that I have officially established a new section on our SignWriting Web Site called the SignWriting Teacher's Forum. The Forum is the "home of the SignWriting Literacy Project". Of course, I will be adding to the Forum all of the time, so it will be expanding continually. But I will also try to post the same information to the SignWriting Email List, whenever possible. So that way everyone will know what is happening.

So first, for those with web access, here are the web pages to visit:


SignWriting Teacher's Forum Directory

SignWriting Literacy Project Description

Web Report #1, Literacy Project

SW Literacy Group #1
Caldwell Elementary School, Wichita, Kansas

SW Literacy Group #2
Private Tutor With Seven Students, Ontario, Canada

I will post the above pages through email next -

All the best -