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April 22, 1998

SUBJECT: SignWriting Report Response

From the desk of
Valerie Sutton
La Jolla, California

Dear List Members:

Thank you for your many responses to my last "SignWriting Report". I appreciate your supportive messages. I received quite a number of requests for copies of the handouts that were given at the conference. I am glad you are interested in the latest developments :-)

I received messages from Deaf people disillusioned with the "research world", feeling frustrated that projects take money and that not enough researchers were working directly with Deaf children. I received messages from people interested in comparing SignWriting with other notation systems. I received questions about English gloss systems and how they differ from SignWriting. I even received a very nice message written in Danish from a dear friend and board the response was great. Thank you!!

I will now start a series of postings about the SignWriting Literacy Project. As you know, back in January and February, we announced the beginning of a new project. We received a small grant of funds to pay for the project. I sent out packets of information to 16 schools back in February. Since then we have had responses and acceptances. Plus we have had new people write to request information, so the word is spreading about the project. I think it is now time to start posting information on the schools and groups involved.

Before I start the series of postings, I will write with a little background history on the subject. I hope to do this tomorrow. And then the postings will begin!!

Tonight I must work on our new computer program. Our programmer needs my feedback. SignWriter 5.0, written in Java, needs to be completed and there is much to be done.

So I will write again tomorrow with a "Literacy Project Report".

Have a great evening -

All the best -