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April 7, 1998

SUBJECT: Norwegian at SignWriting Headquarters

From: "Ingvild Roald" <>
Subject: Norwegian at SignWriting headquarters
Date: Tue, 07 Apr 1998 10:15:39 PDT

I'm Ingvild Roald. I am connected with the Vestlandet Center of Education for the Deaf in western Norway, which is comprised of three schools (nursery through junior college), and also gives advice to teachers and parents throughout the school system, and gives Sign Language Education to parents of deaf children.

Since 1985, part of the courses taken by our students in classes of general academic studies have also been formal sign language studies. Part of this course has been reading and writing signs using SignWriting. In the grade school SignWriting in it's full form has been used occasionally. The people who are giving Sign Language classes to the parents, and who are also advising the teachers in general on Sign Language, have been using a crude form of SignWriting (like what it was at first, back in the late 70s), with some written comments, and have volumes of signs recorded that way.

I myself first came across SignWriting when I visited schools for the deaf in Copenhagen, Denmark, a long time ago. Since then I have been involved in SignWriting work, mostly in translating and adapting the material from the DAC publications, which are in ASL and English, into Norwegian/ Norwegian Sign Language. I also have been making dictionaries of signs for school subjects. We have at the moment about 3000 such signs stored in the SignWriter computer program.

Just now I am visiting Valerie. We are both going to a conference here in San Diego. I'm sure she will post something about that on the list or on the web page eventually.

We are having a good time, and in a few days I will be meeting with the DAC itself.

Bye for now,