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February 11, 1998

SUBJECT: "SignWriting Literacy Project"

For Those Interested In The SignWriting Literacy Project...
We are late sending the information packets to you. Please forgive the delay. I hope to send them to you by the end of the week. Thank you for your patience :-)

Darline Clark, the Deaf author of our children's stories, met with me yesterday evening. We discussed the Literacy Project at length together. Darline and I will be working as a team to make the project an excellent one and the plans are really exciting.

I will be administering the project, and designing the books and doing the layout, as I always do. Darline, of course, is in charge of the ASL. She and I will also develop a "teacher's manual" to assist in the classroom.

We decided to put all three children's stories together in one book, with a dictionary for the children in the back of the book. The dictionary will be the Picture Dictionary that is posted on the web, but it will be larger, including all of the vocabulary in the stories.

For the teachers, we will include some Lessons in SignWriting and how to read ASL, so hopefully your experiences will be positive ones :-)

You are welcome to communicate with either of us at any time. Our personal email addresses are:

Darline Clark

Valerie Sutton

We also discussed the possibility of sending the videotapes to you sooner, since it may give you a better feel for the project, and may help your co-workers decide whether they want to participate or not. We will explain this in detail in the information packet we send you. should receive the packet in the next week :-)

PS. If you have not written and requested information on the SignWriting Literacy Project, you are welcome to do so. Just write to me :-)

All good wishes -

Valerie :-)