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January 22, 1998

SUBJECT: "SignWriting Literacy Project"

Date: Thu, 22 Jan 1998 07:43:05 -0500
From: TCL Centre <>
To: Valerie <>

Dear Valerie,
It was with interest that my colleagues and I read your email about the SignWriting project. I work for a national Charity called Deafax which is based at the University of Reading, UK. We deal with issues surrounding communication (face to face & through technology) and literacy for deaf people. There are a number of projects which we run - 'Telecommunications & Literacy for Children' (TCLC), 'Telecommunications & Literacy for Adults' (TCLP) & TITLED (Towards IT, Literacy & Employment for Deaf People). Part of what we do involves literacy skills/development and I was wondering if you had more information on 'SignWriting'. I am not sure yet whether we would would want to be involved in helping you to pilot it, or indeed, whether or not we would be suitable. Do you have a 'sample' pack which we could take a look at?

Meanwhile I will take a look at previous emails and the Danish report.


Helen Lansdown
Project Manager (Programmes)

PS. I am hearing but a fluent signer, most of my colleagues are deaf.